We’re clearing it all out!


The largest Knucklebuster project to date is on the verge of kicking off (you’ll hear about it soon enough) and in preparation I’m conducting a major clean out. Everything from T-shirts to parts to random (non-moto) bits I’ve collected over the years. I’m trying to get rid of as much of it as I can in order to make some space and raise some funds. Everything I’m selling will be posted here first before it hits the forums, craigslist or ebay.

A couple of notes:
The last bit of stockpile I have from my T-shirt selling days is getting posted. I have very limited sizes and quantities. When they’re gone, they’re gone – I will no longer be selling T-shirts directly. I’ll have T-shirts for sale in the future, but they will handled by a third party and because of that, they’ll more expensive. If I have your size, snatch it up now before they’re gone.

Free Shipping on almost everything that is listed – ALMOST being the keyword. Make sure to read through listing for parts, on larger items that will not safely fit inside a flat rate priority mail box, shipping will be added. You’ll only pay my cost to ship, so no jacked up shipping prices. Some very large items will only be available for local pickup – again, make sure to read the entire listing.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at grail21@gmail.com